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4 Tips For Setting Achievable Career Goals In 2020

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The turn of a new year is notorious for personal resolutions. Get fit and healthy, eat better, get out of debt, save, the list goes on and on. One of the most common personal resolutions for many is career-related. Many times, it’s one of the following: finding a new job, getting a big promotion at your current company, or finally venturing out on your own.

If you are one of the millions who has resolved to make a change in your career, count yourself apart of a large percentage of the population. While setting a career goal is great, many of us can attest to how challenging it is to actually keep a New Year’s resolution.

Here are four tips for establishing achievable career goals in the New Year.

Set Goals That Are Your Own

Many of us are influenced by the people who surround us. We look at those around us for validation on what we feel is acceptable and attainable. We have all experienced facing pressure from family, friends, and colleagues that ultimately influence the moves we make. When passion isn’t behind the steps you’re making, you are more than likely setting yourself up for failure. 

Break Down Your Goals

Goals are built off of a series of small decisions. When you create a career goal, whether it be getting a raise, getting a promotion, switching companies, or venturing out on our own, take a step back and begin looking at the big picture. Break down your larger goals into smaller micro attainable goals.

Set Realistic Goals

Ambitious goals can be failures in disguise. We’ve all been taught to shoot for the stars, but in this case, simmering down a notch could be the key to successfully meeting the goals you set for yourself. When you’re able to create reasonable goals that are achievable in a logical, allotted time frame, you’re more likely to stick with them long-term.

Don’t Be Afraid to Leave Your Comfort Zone

It isn’t uncommon to want to crawl up like a hermit crab when we fear failure and rejection. Stepping outside of your comfort zone can lead to extraordinary self-discoveries and growth. Be open to exploring a new horizon, whatever it may be. 

Begin by brainstorming professional moves you’ve thought of making but have been afraid to and begin to break down the steps you would need to take to get there.

At one point or another, we’ve all been guilty of declaring our resolution full of enthusiasm and drive, only to fail miserably by the end of January. Take these tips to break the cycle of failing your career resolution by establishing achievable career goals in the New Year.

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